How to Choose the Right Rug

Place the rug off-center to create a focal point in the room. Photo courtesy of Malene B

Choosing the perfect area rug for your space can be a difficult and time consuming decision. There are many varying factors to consider including things like room decor, size of room, etc. At the same time you want to choose a rug that will provide comfort and the right cushioning. Size is definitely one of the bigger factors to plan for.

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Considered artwork for the floor, which acts as the frame, size does matter — and it’s often a big concern for the homeowner unsure of how to create that well-balanced space.

So designers say start with the area rug first. From its design, you can choose colors to paint your walls and find throw pillows and paintings to complete the decor. Just make sure to follow this rule of thumb: The area rug should be a minimum of six inches and no more than two feet away from the wall. When you take into consideration the different uses, shapes and design preferences, however, other factors weigh in as well.” – Original article Choosing the Best Area Rug for Your Space

Before you go rug shopping make sure to get measurements of your seating area first. On a limited budget you can find smaller rugs that can be placed in front of furniture. But if you have a big room, get a larger rug that will pull the whole space together. You don’t want to get a rug that is too small as this can make your room appear to be smaller. If you are going to be starting from scratch with decorating, then you have the option to choose a rug first and design around it. Once you have the rug, then you can find other things to ties in like curtains, pillows, and other objects that will be on the floor.

Something else to consider is padding. Padding can add some extra protection if you have hardwood floors, an at the same time helps with keeping the rug from slipping and moving out of place. If you have a flat weave rug, the right padding will add an extra layer of comfort.

Choosing a rug may seem difficult, but all it take is some planning ahead of time to make the job much easier. Be sure to subscribe to our blog so you don’t miss future posts!

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