Methods of Carpet Cleaning

There are many different methods used to clean carpets, steam cleaning, dry powder cleaning, bonnet cleaning, and shampoo. But which method produces the best results? Lets take a look at some of the different processes used.

Dry Cleaning

The dry-cleaning method involves using a powdered cleaning compound. It is brushed into the carpet fibers using an agitating machine. The idea is that dirt will bond to the powdered chemicals, then are removed through dry vacuuming. The downside of this method is that there is no rinsing involved, and there will still be chemicals left in the carpet.

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is similar to the dry cleaning method in that it is still lower moisture, but instead of dry cleaning powder a liquid cleaning detergent is used. After the detergent is applied to the carpet, a machine is used to scrub the solution using a towel-like pad. The pad picks up dirt, however this is not ideal because there is no flushing the fibers or rinsing the detergent from the carpet. So again you are left with cleaning residue in the carpeting. However, bonnet cleaning can be a good solution in some commercial cleaning settings.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is about the most common and popular method of carpet cleaning. Although the name is a little confusing, as no steam is actually used to clean the carpet fibers. Its actually hot water, though some steam is still produced from the high heat. Steam cleaning typically involves applying a cleaning detergent to the carpet, then agitating with a type of brush. After the cleaning solution has a dwell time of about 10 minutes or so, a tool is used to rinse the carpeting using heated water to remove dirt. Some people think that steam cleaning is chemical free cleaning, but that’s not the case. The only real “chemical free” way of cleaning you carpet is to dry vacuum.

Hopefully we have cleared up any questions you might have had on the various different methods of carpet cleaning available. Manufacturers prefer the steam cleaning method to uphold your carpets warranty, however lower moisture cleaning methods often are a better fit in commercial settings.

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